New Mexico State University Scholarships and Financial Aid

HRTM and ACES Scholarships

HRTM offers several scholarships to HRTM majors only. They can range from $150 to full tuition rides! You may be eligible!! The Scholar Dollar Application will be available after school starts each January. The awards are made for the following academic year. The Application is for all scholarships at New Mexico State University and the College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences, including the HRTM scholarships. Deadline for scholarship applications is March 1, every year.

HRTM Scholarships

  • HRTM Alumni Endowed Scholarship
  • HRTM Departmental Scholarship
  • Brancati Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Chef Maurice and Linda Zeck Endowed Scholarship
  • David & Lorna Cole Memorial Scholarship
  • Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood Endowed Scholarship
  • Giovani Diponzio Endowed Scholarship
  • Heritage Hotels Endowed Scholarship
  • National Distributing Company Endowed Scholarship
  • The Kimberly Ming HRTM
  • The Mary Kay Cline Scholarship
  • Rosina Patterson Scholarship
  • Katherine T. Carruthers HRTM Scholarship
  • Michael & Helen Cerletti Scholarship
  • Lois & Leonard Sugerman Scholarship
  • Helen Dodson Yarbrough Scholarship
  • Yates Scholarship
  • Roger Powell Endowed Scholarship
  • Greater Santa Fe Restaurant Association Scholarship

ACES Scholarships

  • Cole Memorial
  • Noble T. Jones

Industry Scholarship Opportunities

Click here for a list of Industry Scholarships.